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What I love a lot about this wedding - aside from the great couple - is that they embody so many of the people we have at our places.

When its late-August in the Pacific Northwest, it's safe to assume you'll have a great day. But, as we also know living here in Snohomish - sunny days are not guaranteed.

So, when rain threatened to make an uninvited appearance to the wedding, Cameron and Carly called an audible and switched the ceremony to inside the vintage white-washed barn. The guests all watched the ceremony from their dinner seats. But a couple of rows of seats were set up in the very front for family members.

As you can see from the pictures, rain certainly didn't dampen their spirits and on the upside, the outdoor shots were killer!


This post originally appeared on Max & Sam Photography's Blog. Please click through to find more fantastic pictures of this wedding.

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