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We're Not Your Grandparents Farm...

Woodland Meadow Farms, a first generation farming operation focused on the local economy and sustainable living, started in the wedding and event venue business with an offbeat wedding. In 2009, owner John Beal, a professional landscaping contractor, as well a longtime pro dirt bike racer, landscaped an aging tree farm to accommodate his sister's medieval-themed wedding. After he hosted that, he was encouraged to make it a full-fledged business and 2010 became the first season of weddings at Woodland Meadow Farms.

In 2012 other team members joined him, bringing their own entrepreneurial experience and sizzle, to help Woodland Meadow Farms become the venue they wanted: a reflection of their unique personalities and to help attract people who don't necessarily fit the "traditional wedding" mold but want a beautiful location for whatever wedding they choose. This also included standing up for what is right and being a vocal supporter of marriage equality for their gay and lesbian friends and family members.


In 2013, Woodland Meadow Farms was finally able to expand it's farming dreams to a 50-acre farm less than a mile from Woodland Meadow Farms and create a new outdoor venue there as well.  Affectionately called Dairyland, the name is an homage to the dairy farm that once operated there and to one of John's old motocross tracks he owned several years ago. 

Over the past 10 years Dairyland and Woodland Meadow Farms have grown and matured adding new farming opportunities and collaborative businesses along the way while continuing to host amazing weddings and events. Dairyland has developed a great holiday tree sale operation called Christmas at the farm, which takes over the farm throughout November and December each year. There is always something changing and growing on both sites, and we strive to innovate and try new and creative opportunities whenever they arise. Its part of modern day farming. 

The mission of Woodland Meadow Farms and Dairyland is to be a fun, successful, sustainable and innovative farms as well as  leading Seattle area outdoor wedding and event venues inclusive to all. 

Not just a farm. Not just a venue. Always an adventure!


Start a new tradition with us...


We offer a great, family-friendly atmosphere with free cider and cocoa, a holiday gift store, wreaths and trees! We have the best quality trees at the BEST prices.


We also have fun evening events during the holidays for those looking for a more adult holiday experience. 


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